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With the help of our Salon Professional Heated Rollers achieving those curly hair goals has never been easier! No matter what your hair length, the Mark Hill Heated Rollers guarantee root plumping, super-shiny, ultra-bouncy results.

The three different sized curlers offer root plumping results in one package. Using stay-put technology, they have added salon secrets of tourmaline & ionic to ensure your hair is strong, super shiny, smooth and fly-away free.

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Ionic Tourmaline infused, 3 different sized rollers, heat ready indicators.

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Length 33 cm
Width 25.8 cm
Height 13.8 cm
Weight 2.137000 kg
Voltage 220V
Temperature 125 degrees

All types of natural hair, including real human hair extensions, but not synthetic extensions.

  1. Open the lid and check that the rollers are all in the correct places. The 2x largest Mark Hill heated rollers should fit in the central 2 holes, the 2x medium heated rollers fit into the holes on the left and right side, and the 6x smaller heated rollers fit into the remaining 6 holes. Please note, placing the Mark Hill heated rollers into the incorrect holes will not damage the product, but will just mean that all the rollers don’t fit into the casing.

  2. Plug the product into the mains supply, and press the on/off switch located at the top of the unit to turn on. The switch will light up and the rollers will begin to heat.

  3. The lid can be closed whilst heating up,  during use you may notice some condensation appearing on the lid, this is normal.

  • 10 Mark Hill Heated Rollers (2x 50mm, 6x 38mm, 2x45mm)

  • Heated Rollers Storage Case

  • 10 x clips,

  • Instruction Manual

  • Divide your hair into sections and spritz with the Mark Hill 10 in 1 Wonder Spray. Run a wide tooth comb through the section you're working on to detangle and then pull your hair tight, rolling the roller from the tip to the root.

  • Use the 2 large heated rollers on the top of the head, rolling them away from the face. Roll all the remaining heated rollers around the rest of the head, but rolling them downwards.

  • After 10 minutes (or until the rollers and hair is cool) gently unravel the heated rollers and undress your hair with your fingers for a voluminous, blow dry look.

  • For more defined waves and curls, leave the heated rollers in for 20-30 mins.  Finish with the Mark Hill Anti Humidity Spray.

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