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Detachable and interchangeable barrel that pairs up with our Pick n Mix Handle – click it in and get curlin’. So you’ve added the Pick n Mix Handle to your basket, now all that’s left to do is pick your barrel. For girls with a shorter cut, creating killer curls has never been easier.

For longer hair this wand is PERFECT for tighter glam curls. Because we all know that when the girls go out, the curls come out. We’ve got plenty of different barrels for you to choose from, so make some room on that dressing table for your brand spankin’ new curlers.

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Length 25.2 cm
Width 6.9 cm
Height 12.4 cm
Weight 0.426000 kg
  1. Before plugging into the mains supply, ensure the collar on the Mark Hill Pick N Mix handle is unlocked by twisting to align the unlocked padlock with the arrow.

  1. Select a barrel (sold separately), and slot into the hole to create a Mark Hill curling wand, making sure to line up the prongs and the ridges on the edge of the barrels.

  1. Twist the collar of the handle in the opposite direction as before, lining up the locked padlock with the arrow to lock.

  1. Plug the curling wand into the mains supply, the wand is suitable for use with mains supply voltages of 110V - 240V, and switch the on/off switch. The light indicator above the light will switch on.

  • Mark Hill Pick N Mix Wand Handle

  • 2 x Heat Protection Gloves

  • Instruction Manual

  • Pop any attachment from the Mark Hill Pick N Mix range into the barrel to create a Mark Hill curling wand.

  • When styling Take a large section of dry hair and spritz with Mark Hill Styling heat Protection Spray and then wrap spiralled around your chosen Mark Hill Pick N Mix barrel.

  • Hold the hair for 5-10 seconds around the Mark Hill Curling Wand then unwind. This will give it time to set and curl.

  • The longer you hold the hair around the wand the more defined the curl will be.

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