Corkscrew Curls with Lottie Tomlinson

Get super tight curls with the Mark Hill Pick N Mix range

Do you ever find yourself getting serious hair envy off all your fave celebs? Us too bae! But now you steal their style thanks to Mark Hill! Get Youtube star and influence Lottie Tomblin’s super tight corkscrew curls with the Mark Hill Pick N Mix collection.

Prep and protect the hair

Steal Lottie’s s style and start by plaiting the top sections of your hair to channel some serious summer vibes. After you’ve finished your plaits, it’s time to section the hair. Smart gals know to never use heat on their hair without protection! Always prep the hair with the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray. The clever formula protects the hair up to temperatures of 240 degrees, leaving your hair feeling super soft and shiny. Make sure to spray the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray onto each section of your!

It’s time to get curling

To get super tight curls just like Lottie’s, you’ll need the Mark Hill Pick N Mix Handle and the Mark Hill Corkscrew barrel from the Mark Hill Pick N Mix range. This range is perfect for those gals who are constantly changing their minds or just love to change things up a bit! Simply grab your favourite Mark Hill Pick N Mix barrel and slot it in the Pick N Mix handle and you’re ready to curl!

To achieve the corkscrew curls of your dreams, you’ll need to wrap super small sections of your hair around the corkscrew barrel, making sure to angle the barrel downwards and away from the head. Leave the hair wrapped around the corkscrew barrel for between 5 and 10 seconds, depending on your hair type. Next carefully unravel the hair and run your fingers through your new corkscrew curl to add definition. Repeat this process across the remaining sections of your hair.

Smooth out those super tight curls

You know who likes frizz? No us gal! Smooth out your corkscrew curls with the Mark Hill Miracoilous Moroccan Argan Oil. Squirt a small amount of product into your hand and run through your fingertips through your hair, to achieve super soft and shiny locks.

Lock your look in place with the Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray. Not only will this amazing spray keep your corkscrew curls in place all day, it also cools the hair down after styling with heat, restoring your hair to its normal temperature. I know, so clever right?

When to rock these super tight curls

Corkscrew curls are the perfect look for summer time festivals and holidays! The look is so trend and your super tight curls will look effortlessly cool when they begin to drop.


To style Lottie’s look, you’ll need the Mark Hill Handle and the Mark Hill Corkscrew Barrel from the Mark Hill Pick N Mix range. Collect the full range to really up your hair game!

Always protect those tresses against heat damage with the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray. Corkscrew curls may be so trend right now, but heat damaged hair isn’t!

Get your smoothest and silkiest hair yet with the Mark Hill Moroccan Mircaoilous Argan Oil. Run a small amount through your ends to make frizz a thing of the past.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to get Lottie Tomlinson's on trend corkscrew curls! There’s plenty more tutorials on Mark Hill which will allow you to up that hair game and style the steal of your favourite celebs! Go check them out gal and make bad hair days nothing more than a bad memory.

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