Blow dries before boyfriends

We challenged the Love Island pair to create the perfect blow dry using the Mark hill Salon Professional Hair Dryer.

What would you choose? A blow dry or your boyfriend? A blow dry makes every gal feel 10 million dollars, but would you trust your boyfriend to do it? Mega babe Olivia Buckland gives Alex Bowen the chance to blow-dry her hair. Find out what happened when when we handed the pair the Mark Hill Salon Professional Hairdryer.

Start by sectioning the hair

Just like Olivia teaches Alex, start by sectioning the hair. This allows you to get the best possible volume! And what gal doesn’t love big hair? Don’t forget to prep the hair using the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray, which protects those tresses up to temperatures of 240 degrees! Make sure to give the hair a good brush before you start blow drying. This will allow you to create volume so much easier and leave the hair feeling super smooth and silky.

It’s time to begin blow drying

Using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush, brush the hair and pull down as you angle the hair away from the face, leaving about an inch between the hair the Mark Hill Salon Professional Hair Dryer nozzle. Unlike Alex, blow dry the hair in small sections and away from the head. The larger the sections, the less volume you’ll achieve. And flat hair isn’t the look we’re going for here!

Lock in that look

Keep your bouncy blow dry in place all day with the Mark Hill Extreme Hold Hairspray. The formula sets and secures your look from morning till night, but it also cools the hair! Exactly what you need after a bouncy blow dry gal! The formula is also super lightweight, keeping your blow dry light, silky and soft to touch!

Salon professional results from your bedroom

Copy the mane of all your fave celebs using the Mark Hill Salon Professional Range. Keep that hair envy to a minimum with tresses that just scream salon fresh results… We won’t tell if you don’t! Click here to shop the range!

To challenge your boyfriend to the perfect blow dry, you’ll need the Mark Hill Salon Professional Hairdryer. This is a hairdryer like no other, with 5x airflow and 5x heat combo will have your hair looking on point super-fast! And not to mention the iconic jet and argan oil coating, which will leave your locks feeling super and shiny.

You’ll also need the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray. This clever formula protects your tresses up to 230 degrees, leaving your hair frizz free while locking in your style.

Pump up the volume using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Medium Radial Brush. This brush not only detangles your tresses, but it’s also coated with argan oil, leaving your locks super soft and silky.

Keep your blow dry in place with the Mark Hill Extreme Hold Hairspray. Not only does this clever spray lock in your look from morning till night, it also cools the hair. Leaving your tresses super lightweight and silky to touch!

There you go gal, you’ve just learnt how to achieve the perfect blow dry with help from Love Island babe Olivia Buckland. Just because her bae couldn’t master the perfect blow dry, doesn’t mean your boyfriend can’t! Go challenge him gal, we dare you!

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