Waves with straighteners

Learn how to curl your hair with the Mark Hill Salon Professional Straighteners

Have you ever wondered how to curl your hair with straighteners? Well, hair straighteners can do a lot more than just tame that frizz bae! Don’t get us wrong, silky smooth straight hair is always glam, but you can also use the Mark Hill Straighteners if you’re wanting to rock  a more volumised style too. Our hair fave hair straightener from the range is the Mark Hill Salon Professional Straighteners

Who wants to to spend hours each morning fixing their mane? Not us gal! But everyday hair doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it simple but chic by channeling blogger bae Sabrina’s effortless mane. Sabrina talks all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her blog Its Sabrina!

1. Gal did you know it’s all in the prep? It’s easy as one, two, three...

Before you start to make waves, don’t forget to protect your hair against any nasty heat damage! Start by separating the hair into two sections using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Paddle Brush, while spraying your tresses with the Mark Hill Heat Protection Spray.

If you look at the Mark Hill Heat Protection bottle, you’ll see prep steps 1,2,3,4. These steps represent what order you should be using the Mark Hill products to achieve those #HairGoals. The Mark Hill Heat Protection spray is prep step 1, so don’t forget to spray gal

2. It’s time to make waves! Start by switching on your Mark Hill Straighteners

To create this look, you’ll need to switch the straightners on and turn the temperature to 230 degrees. What’s clever about the Mark Hill Salon Professional Straighteners is that you can control the temperature yourself! So if you have finer or damaged hair, these Mark Hill Straighteners are perfect for styling your tresses on a low heat. Or if you have thicker locks, why not turn the heat up?

Another special feature of the Mark Hill Salon Professional Straighteners is the argan oil infused plates. So these special straighteners tame that frizz, while leaving your locks super smooth and glossy. I know, clever right

3. Creating these curls couldn’t be easier!

Simply take a tiny section of hair and place the Mark Hill Straighteners around it.. Then just turn the hair straighteners all the way around and pull down. There you go, a super cute little curl! Now repeat across all sections of your hair.

Remember gal, those curls you create with your hair straighteners don’t have to be even! You can switch up this style by just focusing on creating curls on the ends of your hair.

4. It’s time to separate those locks.

Now you’ve finished creating those loose curls, it’s time to separate those curls. Simply flick your hair back, run your fingers through the curls to separate, then bring the hair forward. Why not even give those locks a shake to change up how your curls sit?

5. Why not pump up the volume?

Are you all about that #BigHairDon’tCare? Add even more volume to your locks, by spraying the Mark Hill Miracolious Nourishing HairSpray and using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Paddle Brush to backcomb those roots. Inject extra volume by backcombing those ends using the Mark Hill Argan Oil Detangle Comb. Don’t forget to lock your style in place using the Mark Hill Freeze hold Hairspray.

Who’s Rockin This Style?!

The question is, who isn’t?! Take hair inspo from Mark Hill’s fave Love Islander, Olivia Buckland’s. She always has us lusting after those luscious waves she creates using her hair straighteners.   

Your super quick everyday look

This style is great for those lazy gals who love an extra 5 minutes in bed! As you don’t need all those curls to look exactly the same, you can rock this look in minutes.

Get the look

To rock super shiny straight hair or create on point loose waves, you’ll need the Mark Hill Salon Professional straighteners. These special straighteners are infused with argan oil, with an adjustable temperature which is perfect for all hair types.

Protect those locks with the Mark Hill Styling Heat Protection Spray. This clever little spray protects your tresses up to temperatures of 240 degrees! Remember gals, there's nothing on fleek about heat damaged hair!

Detangle those tresses while leaving your locks super soft and shiny, with the Mark Hill Argan Oil Infused Brush range. To create this look, you’ll need the Mark Hill Argan Oil Detangle Comb and the Mark Hill Argan Oil Paddle Brush.

Lock your style in place with the Mark Hill Miracolious Hairspray. The Argan oil infused formula keeps your look in place all day, while still keeping your locks super lightweight and soft.

We hope you loved learning how to curl your hair with straighteners. Hair straighteners are super versatile and easily allow you to switch up your style. Are you looking for more hair inspo? Remember there’s plenty more tutorials online using the Mark Hill products, so you’ll never have to worry about not being on top of your hair game.

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