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When you become a parent you don’t want to give up being you! And being you means’ being style-savvy, looking good and staying on-trend! There’s many a Yummy Mummy working here at Mark Hill.  Rather than seeing our journey into Motherhood as an excuse to sit around in trackie bottoms and crocs, we embraced this change as one more excuse to go shopping! At the moment we're loving…...

Cath Kidston Baby Change Bag T

his one is perfectly unisex, ideal if you want to buy before the Big Day and you’re having ‘a surprise’. Alternatively, there’s a cowboy design for boys or a rose print one for girls.

No Added Sugar Slogan Tee

With the cutest and wittiest slogan tees around, No Added Sugar is the go-to place for quirky baby gifts or just as an extra treat for your own funky bambino.

Mamas and Papas Sola City Pushchair

Can baby vehicles get any cooler?! This bright yellow version of this super-cool pushchair will ensure you and babe are noticed wherever you are.

Joules Baby Grow We love London and we love a London print. This is for every city-lovin’ baby or baby mamma out there!

Gap Dot Body T

his is ridiculously cute! Put with comfy indigo jeggings for a chic and sweet look.

Yummy Mummy beauty tips: Sleep. Remember that? Here are our favourite fast remedies for tired eyes…...

Cool as a cucumber: Cucumbers have long been known as an instant cure for tired and puffy eyes. Simply cut 2 thick slices, find a quiet spot to lie down and relax, place a slice on each eye and chill for 5 minutes.

Milk it baby: Place a small amount of cold milk in a bowl and soak 2 balls of cotton wool in it for a minute. Take out the cotton wool and dab your eyes gently.

Drink it up: Keeping hydrated can help to reduce puffiness. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water each day, more in warmer weather. 

Phoebe is a writer and blogger who can mainly be found writing about beauty and fitness.

Posted on 27th February 2014

By Holly D

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