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What did you get for Christmas?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a few extra days off before going back to work.  When you do go back, the first thing your colleagues may ask you is ‘ What did you get for Christmas? ’  Some of the most popular gifts at Christmas are always gift sets and electrical appliances.  Most of us will have received something which you would probably never have bought for yourself, or maybe something you don’t even know how to use!  If one of your presents was a hair gift and it is still sitting there unopened, then maybe you need a little help.  Here are some of the most commonly bought hair gifts, and a few ideas on how to use them. 


Ok, most of us know how to use a hairdryer.  But there is probably some features on your dryer you don’t use properly.  The majority of professional hairdryers have a cool shot button.  These are great for ‘setting’ your style in place.  Simply dry the section of hair on normal heat, but finish off with a blast from the cool shot button to cool down the hair quickly and lock in style and shine.  It really works!  Hairdryers normally come with a selection of nozzles.  If you watch your hairdresser, they probably use a nozzle when they dry your hair.  A nozzle helps direct the heat and airflow directly onto the section of hair you are drying speeding up the drying process and avoiding blowing the rest of your hair all over.  If you use a nozzle, because the heat is more intense, only use your dryer on a medium heat, not hot.


Straighteners don’t always mean poker straight hair.  Yes, they are good for that look, but they are also great for adding curls, waves and to smooth and tame frizz.  Some of these styles may need a little more practice, but after practice, your straighteners will be your hairs best friend! For waves and curls, take a section of hair and clamp your striaghteners close to the roots.  Immediatly rotate the straighteners through 180 degrees, so the heated plate which started off on the top, is now on the bottom.  Then smoothly and gently run your straighteners through the section.  The bigger the section, the looser the wave.  To smooth, don’t pull your straighteners tightly around the section, just let the hair slide gently through.  This is especially important if you have already blow dried your hair. 


Curls and Waves are one of the hottest trends around so being able to use a tong is really important.  In the past, to curl, you took a section of hair, clamped the ends in the tong, and then rolled the tong up the hair.  This method is Ok, but gives a rather old fashioned result and can be quite hard to do as you look in the mirror.  For an easier way to curl which gives a more natural wave or curl, hold your tong close to your roots and wrap the section of hair around the barrel.  Hold for a few seconds and then release.  The bigger the section, the looser the wave. 

Don't forget!

No matter which appliance you choose, always make sure you protect your hair from heat damage by using a Heat Protection Spray.  Try my Get Gorgeous Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray (£5.49) or my Big Night Out Oh So Hot Heat Protection Spray (£5.99).    

Posted on 30th December 2013

By Holly D

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