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Top Tips for On-Point Hair in 2016

Sleep on it 

Being total hair goals all party season eventually takes its toll and your hair is bound to need a little TLC after all that heat styling! Tonight when you get home from work, shampoo your hair and pop a treatment on. Leave it on for as long as you can (overnight if you have the time) then simply rinse and style! You’ll be hair-flip worthy again before you know it!

Make an appointment 

All that party prep has probably left you needing a trim to get back to your glam self after Christmas. Keeping your hair fresh and healthy is just as important after Christmas as it is before to avoid the dreaded New Year frizz!

Fancy a change 

Hairstyle or colour, it’s always best to do a bit of research first and not act on impulse.  To avoid a hair-disaster, experiment by cutting photos out of magazines of styles and colours you like and ask a friend or hairdresser for their opinion – or if you’re super risky, go all out with a temporary colour! I

Instant style change 

Add instant volume by simply changing your parting. Flipping it to the opposite side not only gives you more lift at the roots, but it also helps you achieve a different look-without a trip to the salon!

Spring clean 

if I asked you to post a picture of your fave styling brush, would you be embarrassed?  Most people forget to give their styling equipment a clean and we’re all guilty of it! For brushes and combs, take off any loose hairs and rinse in warm soapy water.  For electrical styling tools, when they are cool, just give them a clean with a gentle baby wipe.

Put your hair on a diet 

After all that over-indulging, you may find your hair feels limp and a little greasier than normal.  We are what we eat, so put down that chocolate and pick up a banana!  Your hair will soon be back in great shape. Try a new style today - it doesn’t have to be a drastic change, just a simple tweak can make a huge difference and have your hair game back as it should be!

Puff up your pony

Most of us can do a ponytail, but can you puff it up?  Simply backcomb the top section of hair using a Backcombers Best Friend.  Smooth over and secure in a ponytail.

Pump up the volume

Give your hair a boost by using Velcro Rollers.  Just put them into dry hair, spray with 10 in 1 Wonderspray and then use your hairdryer to dry the volume in.  Remove the rollers and comb through using your fingers and voila!

Wave it 

Want those ‘nearly-there’ waves? Easy!  Take large sections of hair, spray with Heat Protection Styling Spray and wrap spirally around the barrel of an Ellipse Wand. Hold for a few seconds and then unwind. Volia!

Polish it 

Sometimes you don’t need to straighten all of your hair, you just need a little polish.  Take a section of hair, spray with Heat Protection Styling Spray and gently glide your straighteners through. Don’t clamp too tightly – poker straight is so last year! 

Posted on 5th January 2016

By Holly D

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