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The best part about an updo? Whether your hair’s long, short or somewhere in between, you can take your tresses to new heights with a sleek and serious style or a careless and casual coiffure. So whether you’re off to a wedding, a party or you’rejust trying to delay washing those locks, try one our fave celebrity updos...


Let’s kick things off with Margot Robbie, whose simple updo is looking oh-so-sophisticated. To re-create, try drying your hair using our Tousled Wave Spray. This sea salt and sea silk formula will leave you with textured and shiny waves, meaning you’ll be all set to grab those hairpins and get cracking


We loved Lily James’s half-up, half-down tresses. And the best part? Her subtle Ombre style and nude lip ensured she looked hella-classy. To re-create, start by adding some texture usingour 10-in-1-Wonderspary…it’s everything a girl could wish for squeezed into a 200ml bottle. Once you’ve got that volume, & texture, add some tousled, effortless waves using our Pick N Mix Medium Barrel attachment. Now you’re ready to turn to the hairpins.


Sofia Vergara sported a Princess Leia-inspired updo on the red carpet and we LOVED it. To jump on Sofia’s smart-caj bandwagon, grab yourself a bottle of Extreme Root Lift Spray. Simply apply to the roots of damp hair before blow drying upwards. Now you can wave goodbye to limp and lifeless locks as you add those low-space buns…. Because no one wants flat roots and flyaway strands with this look.


Chrissy’s signature has long been blonde beach waves and we just can’t get enough! To re-create her updo, start by applying our Plumping Powder. This will provide lotsa lift at the roots, leaving you with extreme volume that’s sure to hold all night long. Once you’re all plumped up (without the faff of backcombing), grab our Pick N Mix Ellipse Barrell to add those tousled waves all over. Now you’re all set to grab a bobble and complete the look.

So next time you fancy an updo, take a leaf out of Margot Robbie or Chrissy Teigen’s book… These ladies have certainly taught us a thing or two about hair!

Posted on 15th October 2017

By Holly D

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