Getting serious wanderlust lately? Us too! Summer in the UK means up to five days of sunshine and a season full of heavy rain, and scrolling down our Instagram feeds during lunch doesn’t make us feel any better about it. We’re dreamin’ of the breeze in our (perfectly styled) hair, the sun on our skin and our toes in the sand – and to get our holiday inspo, we’re checking out what our fave travel bloggers are up to! Sit back and prepare to book that one way flight to Marbs…


Charlotte of CH32 has the ultimate travel bug this year – from backpacking through Asia, road tripping the US, hopping off to Tunisia and then Hideout in Croatia, her feed is a flood of photo frame worthy snaps to have us sobbing by our windows as we gaze out to the rain…

Fashion Mumblr

Where isn’t this girl?! So far this year we’re seen Josie jet off to South Africa, LA and Santorini and we can’t get enough of her holiday wardrobe (and those incredible long, blonde beachy locks!).

The Little Magpie

The Queen of creating serious #InstaEnvy – every time we spot Amy on a plane we’re automatically in stalker mode watching as those incredible snaps come flooding in. From Greece to Barbados, Amy shows us it all!

In The Frow

Where there’s Victoria, there’s an incredible backdrop behind her with the perfect lighting making us wish we had her hair, designer wardrobe and life!

Leanne Lim Walker

OK, so not totally a travel blogger – but between flitting back and forth from the UK to LA and everywhere in between, we’re pretty jealous! If that’s not enough, Leanne has a pretty enviable swimwear collection to make us regret yesterday’s office donuts!

Where are you jetting off to this year? Let us know @MarkHillHair!

Posted on 15th July 2016

By Holly D

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