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If you’ve ever asked for a‘Rachel’ or a ‘Sandy’ at the hairdressers, you’ll know that there are certain styles that are well and truly iconic! We've rounded up our favourite curly styles that have stood the test of time. Prepare yourself for some serious hair envy from these beauty legends.

Marilyn Monroe

Nothing screams ‘the 50s’ quite like Marilyn Monroe and her beaut blonde curls. This vintage Hollywood style is easier to achieve than you’d think. Treat yourself to our Mark Hill Salon Professional Heated Rollers & some Freeze Hold Hairspray and you’ll be all set (and maybe some crimson lipstick too…).

Jennifer Gray

We all know that nobody puts Baby in the corner. And guess what? Nobody puts Baby’s hair in the straighteners either. Her corkscrew curls are a timeless classic that can be recreated using our Pick N Mix Corkscrew attachment.

Olivia Newton-John

Sandy without corkscrew curls is like Nemo without Dory – pretty unthinkable! Lucky for you, that Dirty Dancing style can be easily recreated using the Pick N Mix Corkscrew attachment and a spritz of Freeze Hold Hairspray.


Big voice….Bigger hair.Although Bey’s had countless hairstyles, we’ll always associate her with those big, bouncy curls from her early diva days. She’s looking fierce & oh-so-feminine, a look that can be re-created using the Pick N Mix Wicked Waver Barrel.

Taylor Swift

Taylor changes her hair as often as most of us change our outfit, but the fresh faced ‘Love Story’ Taylor that we all love and remember had some seriously iconic curls. Grab the Wicked Waver attachment to steal this style. So there you have it! 5 Seriously slick styles from women whose beauty legacies still stand today.    

Posted on 23rd November 2017

By Holly D

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