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The MH Gym Kit Essentials For Flawless Hair

It’s always the day you turn up to the gym totally unprepared, wearing that freebie t-shirt you won five years ago, and with last night’s mascara still smudged halfway down your face, that you end up working out next to a Chris Hemsworth lookalike. Although you’re not at the gym to look good or impress randoms, it’s still a mare of a situation guaranteed to have your weight session falling flat. Think about the pros – does Serena Williams ever play a match looking anything less than flawless? Dressing like you mean business will instantly get you into the right mind set to smash your personal best. So we’re helping you nail your gym hair game by sharing a few of the MH team’s fave products – they’ll keep your hair flip-worthy and your style on fleek, no matter how intense your workout gets!

The Pre-Workout Essentials

Besides being super irritating and getting in the way constantly, leaving your hair down during a gym session will leave it more vulnerable to damage. At the same time, always scraping it back in a super tight bun is also going to cause breakages and ruin all your hair care efforts. Whether it’s a low ponytail, braids or a loose top knot, swap between a few different fuss-free but gentle styles. They’ll keep annoying strands away from your face without letting bobbles repeatedly cause damage to one area. And whatever look you’re going for, use our Moroccan Argan Oil-infused Mini Paddle Brush to rock it every time. It’ll get rid of any tangles and add some much-needed silky shine. But the real secret weapon for keeping your hair under control as you get into those squats and presses? Giving it the power to fight frizz with a quick spritz of Taming Anti-Humidity Spray. It keeps working its magic for up to three days, so your sleek look is sure to survive even the most torturous of kettlebell classes.

The Post-Workout saviours

After going all-out in the gym, you want to be able to leave for a day in the office or a catch up with bae looking as good as you feel. But quickly washing your hair with whatever unbranded shower gel/shampoo combo your gym provides for free isn’t going to give you bouncy, flip-worthy waves. That’s why we recommend always keeping a few post-workout saviours handy in your gym bag – starting with our MiracOILous Nourishing Minis. They won’t weigh you down and take up tons of room, but the shampoo and conditioner will definitely leave your hair super smooth and shiny. And for a killer blow dry, give your locks a boost with our Extreme Root Lift Spray. We’re obsessed with the incredible, sexy volume it gives our hair. By the time you leave the changing room, no one will be able to tell that you just spent the past hour sweating it out at the gym.

What’s your go-to do and secret hair weapons for hitting the gym in style? Catch us on @markhillhair and help your fellow gym bunnies out!

Posted on 23rd March 2017

By Holly D

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