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The MH guide to rockin’ curls at every hair length

Curls are the ultimate hair pick me up, instantly adding some fleeky volume and life on those mornings when your locks are otherwise refusing to cooperate. Even better, they’re super flattering and versatile. Whether you’ve got luscious long tresses to make Rapunzel jealous, a short and sexy pixie crop or anything in between, there’s a curl out there for you – and we’re determined to help you find it. Here’s our pick of three stunning curly styles you can rock (whatever your hair length) with the help of our Pick-and-Mix wand. Check them out.

Short corkscrew curls

Don’t be fooled into thinking curls are only for girls with super long and swishy hair. Your short locks are much lighter, which means they’ll actually hold curls for longer. Plus, you’ve got the perfect hair length for 2017’s hottest style – wild and fun corkscrew ringlets. We’re obsessed with the fierce way Jasmine Sanders (AKA @golden_barbie) has been wearing this look. Steal her attitude with our Cork Screw barrel. It’s mega thin, which means you can get right into your roots to create the small and tight curls needed. If you’re still feeling a little nervous about nailing this style, the gorgeous Chloe Helen Miles is on hand to offer some top tips on using the corkscrew attachment on short hair – you can check it out here.

Mid-length sultry waves

No one is rockin’ a lob better than Ferne McCann right now, so she’s the perfect inspiration for any MH Babes looking to add some curl to their mid-length locks. Our Wicked Waver attachment will give you the tumbling waves this sophisticated look demands, plus it’s ceramic coated to keep your hair shiny and glossy. For frizz-free and flip-worthy waves that’ll survive even the hottest of summer days, don’t forget to finish off your sultry waves with a spritz or two of our 10-in-1 Wonder Spray. It’ll tame any flyaways and give your roots a boost.

Long and dramatic bouncy ringlets

Selena Gomez always gives us serious hair goals with her long, glossy locks, but nothing beats the big and dramatic curls she’s been flaunting all over her flawless Instagram lately. You’re going to need a mix of different sized curls to nail her sexy style, so swap between our Ellipse and Medium barrels. Once your hair has cooled down, gently brush out the curls and backcomb your roots to increase its volume even more. And to make sure they stay in place all day and night, fix with a healthy spritz of Freeze Hold Spray.

How are you using your Pick-and-Mix curler to style your hair? Share your selfies with us at @markhillhair – we can’t wait to see them!

Posted on 23rd May 2017

By Holly D

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