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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Got a camera roll that’s filled with 50 pics of the exact same pose? Yep? Same! That’s because nailing the perfect selfie is harder than mastering rocket science (we’re not even exaggerating). In this selfie-obsessed world, getting the perfect pic has never been more important. Whether you’re after a new display pic or you’re off out with the gals, a selfie is an absolute MUST! Here’s how to nail it:


Ladies, meet the selfie-light phone case… AKA your new best friend. This case will highlight all your best bits and have you absolutely glowing. Plus, you can wave goodbye to shadows and eye bags. If you can’t get your hands on one of these bad boys, natural light is your nextbest option. You should aim for the golden hour (just before the sunsets), or head straight towards the window and face it. Now get snapping!NOTE: don’t resort to fluorescent lighting as this will leave you with lots of shadows and a pretty naff selfie.



Worried you’ve gota moon face? Crack open the contour and prepare to channel your inner Kim K. Start with the cheek bones and nose before tackling the collarbones and boobs – this may seem extreme, but you can thank us later.



Now’s your time to get creative. Play around with the brightness, warmth and saturation… or simply opt for Lark or Ludwig on Insta. This will totally transform your selfie to a solid 10/10.If Insta filters don’t quite cut it, head to Snapchat and get selfie-ing with the classic dog ears or flower crown… you can’t go wrong with that.



This part is super-important. Without the correct angle, you’re in danger of the dreaded double chin. To avoid this, holdyourphone out slightly higher than face level and then angle it down slightly. The downward angle will have your face looking streamlined, so if you’ve indulged in one too many doughnuts, there are no worries. Thereyou have it. Combine the perf lighting, angle and filter with a dash of contour and jobs a gooden’.

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Posted on 3rd August 2017

By Holly D

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