Summer is finally here, and lucky for us, that means beach days, pool sessions, and lotsa sunshine. Although that sounds amaze, if you’re not careful, come September your hair will be lookin’ worse for wear. Here are our top tips to keep those locks lookin’ hella fresh:

Ditch the Dryer

Avoid adding extra heat to your mane this summer by ditching the hairdryer and letting those locks dry au-naturale. Worried you’ll look a mess? No worries. Add a few spritz of our Holiday Hair Tousled Wave Spray after your shower. Our sea salt formula will leave you with super-textured waves… It’s the perf alternative to a blow dry!

Protect your Locks

You wouldn’t go on holiday without the sun cream, so why leave the hair protection spray behind? Add a few spritz of our Holiday Hair Protective UV Shield to your locks and you’ll be protecting against UVA & UVB rays. Our lightweight and the non-greasy formula has got you covered.

Lock in the Moisture

You’ve spent a fortnight dipping in and out of the pool with your pals and now your hair is feelin’ hella dry. Sound familiar? Fear not. Grab our MiracOILous range and you’ll soon be on the mend. Our super-nourishing and residue-free argan oil is the perf conditioning, styling, AND finishing tool. Just a pea-sized blob will have your locks feelin’ rejuvenated, hydrated and frizz-free. But don’t stop there! Opt for our MiracOILous Nourishing Shampoo/Conditioner. Our paraben-free formula is jam-packed with essential oils and plant extracts, meaning it’s the perf recipe for strong, smooth and frizz-free hair.

Take Precautions

We’re not going to suggest that you whip out a swimming cap whilst you’re away with the gals. But if you don’t fancy dry, greenish hair by the end of the holiday, there’s a simple precaution you can take. Before you dive into the pool and bagsy the big inflatable swan, fully wet your hair with water. Why? Because wet hair is less absorbent than dry hair. This means you’ll be less likely to absorb all that chlorine & those nasty chemicals. So, there you have it – our top tips for summer hair care! What are you waiting for? Nip into your nearest Boots store or head over to our online store and treat your hair to the nourishing products it deserves.

Whether you opt for the Tousled Wave Spray, UV Shield Spray or our MiracOILous range, let us know how you get on!

Posted on 19th July 2017

By Holly D

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