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Stylist Q&A - With Sean Maloney

Sean Maloney Q&A with Mark Hill

How did you get into the hair and beauty industry?

When I was 18 years old I moved from Blackpool to Manchester for university. I was at University Of Salford studying BA HONS Broadcast Journalism. In my 3rd and final year and close to finishing, I applied for a part time job at boots for extra income. At my interview the lady asked me “Would you be interested in working on the No.7 counter?” I replied “What’s that?”. The lady then said “You have great skin and it’s £2 more an hour”... I was sold.

Two weeks of working on the No.7 counter I found myself enjoying the make up and beauty industry and then I was approached by a lady asking me if I wanted to come for an interview for “MAC Cosemtics” I replied “What’s that?”, she laughed and asked me to meet her at 1pm in Selfridges. Still new to the beauty industry and not 100% sure if it was for me I went with it and 1 week later started as make up artist at Selfridges Manchester for MAC Cosmetics. The beauty industry had engulfed me and I instantly became sucked into a whirlwind of photo shoots, hair styling jobs, make up appointments, social media and I loved it! With opportunities around every corner, I made the brave decision to leave University, so close to the end but so scared to turn down opportunities I threw myself into it. It was almost like a light of fire went off inside of me and I knew I was going to make this work and make a name for myself. I had self belief, passion, ambition and drive and this was only the beginning.

I then started working on high profile shoots with Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and InTheStyle. I was gaining a name for myself and started working with high profile clients such as Lily Allen, Amy Childs, Holly Hagen, Jasmin Walia, Amy Willlerton, BBC, ITV, MTV, and many more. I was flown out to Mykonos and Ibiza for music videos and regularly styled clients for The British Soap Awards and Brit Awards. In 2017 I completed a sell out nationwide masterclass tour of the UK in collaboration with Grosvenor Casino before flying out to Australia in 2019 for a tour of masterclasses and appearances. In 2017 I launched my own false eye lash line SM eyelashes and 2 weeks later my own salon and make up academy, Aurora House Of Beauty / Sean Maloney Make Up Academy.

For someone who had know idea what MAC Cosmetics was, I’d say this has turned out pretty well.

Who is your hair & beauty icon?

My hair and beauty icon has to be Make Up By Mario and Jen Akin, two incredible creatives who have stayed true to their style throughout their expansion and growth in the industry and who are massive role models to me.

What’s your favourite shoot you have done so far?

I have completed so many exciting shoots, but one of my favourite shoots to date has to be from the early days of my make up career. Working with Frank PR & I’m A Celeb contestant Amy Wilkerson, as we created a “spoof” of the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video. Another of my favourite shoots working on has to be with Hello Magazine and The Apprentice winner Sian Gibbon.

What is your favourite Mark Hill product?

This is so difficult. I’m torn between Perfecting Polish and the Styling Primer. The Perfecting Polish is my favourite for smoothing and perfecting those hard to reach baby hairs but also for giving hair a beautiful sleek shine. I adore the Styling Primer for giving the hair body and hold - works amazing on freshly washed hair.

What’s your favourite look at the moment?

My favourite look at the moment is the beautiful soft glam, Victoria’s Secret inspired look. Beautiful glowing dewy skin, nude glossy lips, a pinch of peach blush and a soft golden eye with fluffy lashes. Pairing it with the most gorgeous tussled beach defined waves. I adore this look for its simplicity and effectiveness but also it’s so easy to put up into a beautiful undone messy pony tail!

What’s your best styling top tip?

When creating beautiful beach waves on freshly washed hair apply a generous spray of the Mark Hill Heat Protection Spray and a tea spoon amount of the Styling Primer. Paired together this gives the hair hold, shine and body for any look you want to create. I personally love using the Perfecting Polish, gently pulled through the ends of the beach waves to keep the shape and definition.

Which is your go-to Pick N Mix barrel? 

I love the Pick N Mix wand, it’s so versatile, innovative and forward thinking. Perfect for travelling and my international jobs. My favourite barrel has to be the Medium Barrel, it’s the perfect tool for creating tussled, beautiful beach waves whilst still giving the hair a smooth finish.

Who would be your dream celebrity to style?

I would love to style the amazing Abbey Clancy beautiful blonde locks. As a natural beauty, I would love to give Abbey a high messy beach bun paired with a peachy summer glow inspired make up.

What are your clients all asking for at the moment?

It has to be the tussled beach waves. Simple yet effective but it’s the style on everyone’s lips.





Posted on 11th March 2019

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