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Stylist Q&A - With Alicia Dobson

Alicia Dobson Q&A with Mark Hill


How did you get into the hair industry? 


It's quite a funny story, I was actually two assignments away from going to university to be a social worker. I gave this up as it wasn't fulfilling my soul and followed my intuition and began a new course at college and fell absolutely in love with hair. Follow your intuition always that's definitely your best friend.


Who is your hair icon in the industry?


My hair icon is definitely Chris Appleton, Jen Atkins and Hair Jesus I'm in love with how hard they work and how original they are! #ICON 


What’s your favourite shoot you have styled so far? 


My favourite shoot I'd say would be with Gee Hair. I just love the look we created on this shoot and the amazing response I've received from this shoot on social media.


What’s the best place you have traveled to for work? 


The best shoot abroad would be Palma, we had the best time - fun in the sun!


What’s your favourite Mark Hill product and why?


My favourite product is a hard one, I love them all too much to narrow it down! But I'd say the MiracOILous Nourishing Hairspray is a huge love of mine it completes the style you have created! Nobody leaves the hair to help hot seat without this spray!


Which is your favourite celeb look you have styled? 


Ohh these questions are tricky I love all my ladies hair glams they all have a unique story- I did get a whole lot of hair love from the Jessica Wright power pony it honestly was sleeker than your average.


What’s your favourite Pick N Mix Barrel and why?


Extra Long and Medium barrels - ALWAYS! Reason, because it's perfect for extensions, creating different types of curls and also just smoothening those wispies we may have.


What’s your favourite look at the moment?


My favourite look is messy undone look, almost bohemian! Don't we all have a soft spot for this ultimate babe look?


What’s your best styling top tip? 


My ultimate tip is always prepare the hair first with the correct products! 


Who would be your dream celeb to style?


Ohh can I say more than one? My ultimate dream celeb to style would be probably Jenifer Lopez, Rita Ora and Jess Glynee.


What are your clients all asking for at the moment?


I would say waves starting from sleek waves, bohemian waves to those mermaid waves. 


What do you think is the next big hair trend?


I think the next big trend would be sharp sleek looks with added accessories- we could say powerful hair glam looks!


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Posted on 15th April 2019

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