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Pay Day Hair!

  You’ve done it. Mission accomplished. The end is nigh. It’s nearly, almost, you’re just one heartbeat away from…. the end of January, well done! Whilst some of us at Mark Hill are polishing our halos, having been dry, dieting and nothing short of heroic/angelic/flaming marvellous (and outrageously modest, obvs), others managed the dry bit one Monday night and the diet until we re-addressed the still-got-some-chocolates-left situation on the 4th. But still, we all rejoice right now because, our fantabulicious friends, payday is upon us.

Let your hair join in the celebrations… Over-styling hair, and simply the pressures from daily life, (the commute, the elements, the static) mean we need to show our locks some TLC on a regular basis. And with a few pounds finally in our purses it’s time to get treatment savvy. Mark Hill has a selection of luscious treatments, something for each and every hair type and desire. Whether you’re all for the sleek and straight or more of a girl with the curls and big time volume, there’s a treatment that’ll seem custom-made, bespoke for your locks. One of the most popular right now is the Mark Hill MiracOILicious Intensive 2 Minute Treatment. It includes the increasingly sought-after Argan Oil for max shine with unmatchable softness.  

Pssst! Some Dos and Don’ts to Treating Hair

Do ensure hair is totally clean before you start any treatment. Using a quality shampoo is vital, our favourite here in the salon at the moment is the Mark Hill Slick Chick De-Frizz Shampoo, it’s helping our winter-weary hair stay smooth and nourished.

Do make the treatment more intense by placing a shower cap over your hair and leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing.

Do give coloured hair some extra treatments. 1-2 each week will help to ensure your colour lasts longer and stays vibrant. Try the Mark Hill Colour Blast Hydration Bomb.

Do treat your hair before a big night out, it’ll help keep it healthy and hydrated ready for styling. For a quick fix try the Mark Hill Only Takes a Minute – 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment. Not only will it show your hair some serious lurrrve, it’ll also get you smelling super-sweet and perfectly pampered for your payday night out!!

Don’t brush through. Use the Mark Hill Just Tease Me wide-toothed comb on long hair in order to ensure even coverage.

Don’t go overboard. You can get too much of a good thing! There’s nothing worse than taking the time to treat your hair, then realising you used too much, didn’t rinse thoroughly and now your greasy-looking tresses, need another wash. Grrrr.

Don’t sweat it. Treating your hair should be about me time, not another on the list of to-dos. It’s easy to build into your busy action-packed life. Simply stick on a treatment and you can get out of the bath or shower, work/phone your friend/check your email/get annoyed by Facebook/cringe at Twitter/giggle on Google+ (a small insight into the Mark Hill gang’s life there!), then rinse your newly rejuvenated hair. Perfect.

Mark Hill products are available at the Mark Hill salon, Boots and  

Posted on 2nd February 2014

By Holly D

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