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New Year, Same Mess

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.” 

Hate to break it to you Huns but you are still the same mess you were at 11:59pm on December 31st 

New Year, Same Mess

But you know what? Let’s own it!

New Year’s resolutions are pointless. We all know you’ll have given up by January 3rd when someone suggests a takeaway or glass of prosecco. So instead of lying about lifestyle changes lets embrace our lack of self-control and accept the truth:

New Year, Same Mess. 

January is the time for new beginnings and false promises. A time to reflect on the past year.The pounds we didn’t lose. The money we didn’t save. The gym membership we paid for but never actually went to. The love life that failed... more than once.

New Year’s resolutions are overrated. Eat the cake, drink the cocktails, stay out till 6am. Live your best life without the pressure of unrealistic life choices. There’s only one 2019, so make it the best year yet.

Same Mess

The best bit of advice we can give you? Forget New Year’s resolutions. Accept yourself for the mess you are. You survived 2018 and you’ll make it through 2019. Who knows, some of you may even turn the mess into a success! The rest of you, there's always 2020.

Whilst we can't fix your bank balance, eating habits or love life - we can fix your hair! 

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Happy New Year,

Team Mark Hill x

Posted on 1st January 2019

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