#MHSTYLING - Spot On Plaits!

Its not just about the how; it's about the when too! We show you the way to get style-savvy with plaits and braids for all occasions ....

Plaits have been everywhere for some time now, and we at Mark Hill are totally on-board! Certainly not just for school girls, here's how to make plaits work for all fashionistas! 

The Working Day

The plaits don't have a place in the office? Think again. Aim for neat and tight and you could have your most practical work look yet! Try parting your hair and doing pigtail plaits to the bottom, securing each with a snag free band. Pin the plaits up the side and on top of your head; teamed with tailored styling you simply couldn't look more professional. 

Date Night <3

Nothing says flirty and girlie the way plaits do! Now’s the time to keep some of those long locks a’ flowin’, so go for two tiny plaits clipped around the side of your head. With the rest of your hair opt for gentle and natural waves. 

Weekend chill

The side plait is ideal for your casual look. Simply comb over all your hair to one side and plait to the bottom. Tousle out small bits of hair from the plait for that ‘just got out of bed’ messy-yet-chic look. To change it up a little go for fishtail. Team with a super-tight tee and boyfriend jeans and you’ve got your Sunday morning cappuccino look good to go. 

Out on the town

Take the time to curl your hair before plaiting and you’ll be left with a totally bombshell do! Begin by curling all of your hair in sections. Then back-comb for even more bounce. Loosely complete a French plait, starting on one side of your head and ending on the other. Tie with an elastic at the nape of your neck so that there are plenty of curls left to roam free! @markhillhair #MHSTYLING

Posted on 16th October 2014

By Holly D

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