Thanks to Instagram and Youtube, it’s super-easy for us hair and beauty fanatics to get quality advice & inspo. However, with so many bloggers out there, it can be hard to know who’s worth a follow and who’s talking total trash.

Fear not, cos we’ve gathered our fave accounts, so whether you want to see swatches of eye shadow or get the lowdown on corkscrew curls, these are the ladies to look out for!

1) @imogenation_

Whether it’s a drugstore makeup test or an affordable clothing haul, this absolute BABE keeps it real as she conquers Youtube & the Gram! PLUS, she could deffo teach us all a thing or two about brows!@imogenation_

2) @sarahhashcroft

She’s got her very own clothing range (go check it out), she’s got incredible locks, and she’s hella down to earth… if you’re not already following her then you’re seriously missing out.

3) @saffronbarker

From her wild Youtube challenges (ie – applying a full face of her nan’s makeup), to her inspiring Insta captions, this lovely lady is sure to lift your spirits on those darker days.

4) @itssabrinaaa

Not only is she the face of Mark Hill’s latest curling wand, but she’s also an absolute GURU for all things hair and beauty! So follow her now, cos her future is looking hella bright!

5) @lucyflight

She’s only 21, but she’s already taking the internet by storm. Whether she’s showing off her latest haul or letting her Dad do her makeup, she ALWAYS puts a smile on our face! Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how to pull off bleach blonde hair, this lady is deffo your go-to source.

6) @ohmygeeee

Classy and sassy in equal measure, this hair and beauty blogger dishes out tutorials on the regular. One minute she’s showing us how to master the space buns, the next she’s revealing her latest brow routine.


So give these absolute BABES a follow and we guarantee that your Youtube & Insta feed will never be dull again!

Posted on 27th June 2018

By Holly D

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