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Valentine's Day tends to divide us like no other. There's those on cloud nine, hot date on the cards, gifts ready and wrapped and an outfit all planned. Then there are the singletons wishing that cruellest of 24 hours would just hurry up and be gone! At Mark Hill we take a different approach. We believe you've got to love yourself. 'Me time' is what we believe in most, pampering is our passion. So folks, it's time to love, love, love yourself! Mwah! You're gorgeous. Kick off by showing your hair some serious lovin'. Here's how:


Give it a treat with the Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Remedy. Mmmmm sumptuously soft.

Go salon-style on your blow-dry. Take your time and use our pro-quality Take Control! Large Round brush just like your stylist does.

Condition always. Some clients tell us they never condition when about to style-up for a big night out. We listened, we tried not to judge! And we came up with a Big Night Out Get the Party Started Pre-Styling Conditioner for just that scenario. Party animals – you're excuse is scuppered!

Stock up. We all know what a little retail therapy can do, and there's nothing like indulging in a beauty product splurge to turn our frowns upside down. Treat yourself to some of our super-cute Little Hotties and never be without a little pamper-on-the-go.

Wave farewell to frizz. When asked your hair-type, 'frizzy' should never feature. After styling, give a final de-frizz with some Defrizz-ilicious Glam Goddess Shine Serum and change frizz for fab.

Give yourself a gift Between us girls, we've been on many a date, had many a table-for-two and oodles of gifts. We ain't bragging. Most of the gifts haven't been what we'd choose for starters. The beauty of treating yourself is that you get it spot on. For a real pampering, check out some of my last chance to buy Tiger electrical gifts on Perfect for a post Valentine's Day pick-me-up or for a girl-friend you wanna show some love to. But move fast, these are selling out fast at these last chance to buy prices - they're certainly hotter than any date we've ever been on!

Posted on 16th February 2014

By Holly D

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