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Celebrity Hairstylist - James Johnson Q&A

James Johnson Q&A

Can you tell us a bit about how you got into the hair industry?

I went one of the UK’s top Grammar schools, but being so academic, mostly everyone went to uni...
however I just knew this wasn’t for me and I wanted to learn in a creative way so opted to do hair styling.
With this decision, it felt like many teachers gave up on me so I decided to prove them wrong! I thought to
myself if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it the best I can... in London!
I started off working for Kate Middleton’s hairdresser before moving on to the hairdresser for X Factor where
I spent the next three years working with some of the industries top talents. Sometimes I worked 15 hour
days and putting myself forward for extra unpaid jobs within TV and Print just to get exposure. After this, I
took the scary leap and decided to go on my own and really do my dream job! A year into self employment
and I’ve managed to build up a loyal clientele of people in the spot light and I wouldn’t change it for the
world... it’s really the best job!

Who is your hair and beauty stylist icon?

My main influence is Kim Kardashian, the way Chris Appleton changes her style daily is a real game

We saw you’ve been working with Cara Delahoyde a lot recently,and her hair always looks amazing! What is your

favourite look you have done on her so far?

Cara’s an absolute dream to work with! Her trust in me as a hairstylist is priceless!
My favourite look on her has to be the blue braided style we did for a fashion event! I feel this was a turning
point in my career in helping me portray my personality by creating something a little different! It also gained
us both a featured article on many news sites which was really exciting! Cara has fun bubbly personality
and this was a great chance to demonstrate her cool, stylish side, visually through hair!

What is your favourite mark hill product to use?

For me finishing details are what makes a hair do professional and red carpet ready! I love the Mark Hill
Finishing Polish for those fly away strands and baby hairs, it honestly transforms a look from high street to
high end!

What is your favourite party look for this holiday season?

I love waves. Waves for me, will never go out of fashion. Wether they’re tight or loose, tousled or brushed,
everyone needs to try waves at some point in their life as they’re perfect for any event! Dress them
up with heels or down with a tracksuit, they’re effortlessly chic!
Goodbye old fashion blow dries... everyone needs waves! #GetWavy

What look are all the celebrities asking for this season?

Wet hair seems to be the trend this year. With the Kardashians setting the standard for the wet hair look,
many celebrities are wanting this for the red carpet themselves. This is such a hard look to pull off; the key
to the look is making the hair look wet... without being wet! When done right, this look is sexy and
expensive! I did this look on Cara Delahoyde too!

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Posted on 9th November 2018

By Holly D

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