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Introducing….The Pick N Mix Interchangeable Wand!

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It’s been a busy month here at MHHQ, but all for a good cause! We’ve just launched our new go-to product – the Pick N Mix Interchangeable Wand! If you like to mix up your style, then this is the product for you – with five interchangeable barrels, you won’t be disappointed! From Hollywood waves, tumbling curls to messy, uneven locks – we’ve got your back. Our brand new addition to the ombré range allows you to create the curls you crave or the waves you want by attaching different shaped barrels to suit your style – and you can collect them all!

The Pick N Mix Handle

Where the magic begins, the Pick N Mix Handle is the key ingredient to creating your style with our brand new Pick N Mix range. With five different barrel heads to swap and change, our Pick N Mix Handle has a twist lock system to make changing up your style easier than ever before! Buy the Mark Hill Pick N Mix Handle Now!

Ellipse Wave Barrel

This may be a familiar face to some of you, but the Ellipse Wave is back! Our extra large rounded barrel is better than ever before (and with the same features you guys loved so much) because now it has four other friends to get your hair looking more on-point than ever! If soft, loose waves are your thing – this is the barrel for you. Create gorgeous movement as simple as wrapping your locks around the barrel and spritzing with our Freeze Hold Hairspray! Buy the Mark Hill Ellipse Wave Barrel!

Corkscrew Barrel

Our new favourite here at MHHQ – this is the latest addition to our curl range and we’re absolutely crazy about the finished look it creates! – But be warned, this one’s for the brave! The Corkscrew Barrel is a thin, 13mm barrel for super tight curls that create the most gorgeous texture and volume. Our #MHTopTip: start from the root and curl all the way through to the ends for the full impact! Buy the Mark Hill Corkscrew Barrel!

Wicked Waver

Another blast from the past! Our gal Charlotte Crosby’s fave styling tool is back, and it needs no introduction! With a bubble barrel for those gorgeous, messy, uneven curls – the Wicked Waver is the ultimate go-to for a more textured, Rock Chic style a la Alexa Chung! It’s the perfect tool for that one off look – ‘cause you’ll never achieve the same curl twice. Buy the Mark Hill Wicked Waver


Our Medium Barrel is an everyday hairstyle game changer! Creating gorgeous waves and curls on ALL hair lengths is easier than ever with this 32mm barrel. Opt for pristine, tight curls or loosen them up – it’s your call! Day-to-night curls have never been fleekier! Buy the Mark Hill Medium Barrel

Small Barrel

A true classic – the Small Barrel! Creating those glamorous, red carpet-ready waves and curls is easier than ever before with this barrel. It’s all about those beautiful, cascading, pristine, camera-ready curls. Perfect for any occasion!

Posted on 5th August 2016

By Holly D

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