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We Heart you Bella Thorne

Where plenty of American child stars leave Disney for a life of drugs and disaster, there’s one gorgeous girl who’s showing them all just how it’s done….

Once only known for her leading role in Disney Channel’s Shake-it-Up, Bella Thorne has been making a gigantic yet graceful splash into the world of fashion and is set to become the big one-to-watch style icon of 2015. It won’t surprise you that our undeniable obsession with this indisputable beauty has been mainly focussed on her mind-blowingly gorgeous hair dos. Creating a round-up for y’all has been tricky – too many gorg styles to choose from. However, just for you lovelies, here’s our edited love-list of Bella’s most gotta-have styles…

How on earth does she give an up do with a quiff an unmistakable ‘just-rolled-outta-bed’ feel? It’s a new one on us, but boy does it work! Stick to the usual keep it tight, spray ahoy up do rules then pull out some strands…. Stunning. Instead of washing prior to styling (which can make up dos trickier) try our Dirty Little Stop Out Dry Shampoo. We’re no stranger to back-combing, no new-comer to the bigger-is-better school of thought, but here Bella takes it up a notch. With the rest of her locks swept back, Bella has parted forward the front section, back-combed and sprayed. Try our Party The Night Away Firm Hold Spray to ensure your hair doesn’t lose it’s mojo by midnight.

Oh Em Geeeeee! Side plait – tick, fish tail – tick, woven ribbon – tick, just-been-havin’-fun-finish – tick, tick, tick! We needed picking up off the floor when we’d seen this beauty! To copy, sweep it all over, fasten in some ribbons and fish-tail plait as usual… divine. Put a Fabulous Finish Little Hottie in your bag to make sure this one will last you from desk to dancefloor and beyond .

Natural waves accessorised with a cute and simple side plait, so versatile you can wear with Saturday boyfriend jeans or to the office Christmas do. Start by sectioning off narrow sections either side and plait. Fasten with a see-through band and grip. Then using our Pro Magic Wand [link:] create waves throughout the remaining tresses, focusing on the ends only with really long hair.

The BIG-in’ it up bun is always a favourite around here. If you’ve got the hair to cover it go for a large doughnut or one of our brand new Hot Buns  Bella’s long ‘growing-it-out-look’ fringe takes this style to new levels of awesome. Bella, we salute you!

Posted on 8th November 2014

By Holly D

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