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Halloween Hair - Trick or Treat?

If you are going to a party, Mark Hill shares his tricks of the trade to make your style stand out. If you’re staying in, you’re not missing out. Make it a night of treats, just for you!

Trick – Backcomb Bombshell!

When you want to make a statement, make an entrance with BIG HAIR! On clean dry hair, take a section of hair and put your comb about half way down the section. Push the hair down towards the roots and then take your comb out. Repeat a few more times until you have a solid base. Never rub your comb up and down the section as you will only create your own hair horror!

Treat – TLC

Treat your hair to a conditioning treatment. Shampoo your hair as normal and then apply the treatment. Relax in the bath as the treatment gets to work. Leave on for 10 mins, longer if you have the time. Some people are known to even sleep in the treatment and rinse out the next morning! Make sure you rinse really well, and if you dare, finish with a spray of cool water to help close the cuticles and add a gorgeous shine.

Trick – Sexy Siren

Think Mortisha, sleek, sinister and oh, so sexy! Simply wrap sections of hair spirally around the barrel of your tong or wand, hold for a few seconds and release. Do this through the rest of your hair. Try to keep the sections a similar size as this will create those soft sexy waves. When all of your hair is waved, rub some MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil through your fingers and then through the waves to separate, define and enhance.

Treat  Sleeping Beauty

After you have shampooed and conditioned, waft your hair off with a hairdryer until it’s about 80% dry. Spray through with some styling spray, and then part your hair into 2 sections. Take one of the sections and pull into a ponytail above your ear. Thread the ponytail through a ‘doughnut’ bun ring pulling the hair through the hole, round the outside and then up through the middle again. Keep wrapping until you get to the ends and secure them with pins and grips. Do the same on the other side. Now, I know you look less like Sleeping Beauty and more like princess Leia, but believe me it’s worth it! Leave them in all night long, until your hair is totally dry. In the morning, unwind from the doughnuts and let the waves hang loose – the perfect style for All Saints Day.

Posted on 29th October 2014

By Holly D

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