Halloween Hair.

Forget Horror hair, this Halloween make sure you stand out for all the right reasons.  Here’s how...

Go Big 

When you’re making a statement with your clothes, your hair needs to shout out loud.  Go big by emphasising natural movement and tease even bigger using a wide tooth comb.  If your hair is shorter, emphasise height by smoothing the sides of your hair back and leaving the top section of hair with skyscraper volume.

Smooth it out 

Go for the gloss and smooth out your hair using a large barrelled tong.  Just take a section of hair, spray with Turn up the Heat, Heat Protection Spray and then wrap spirally around the barrel.  Hold for a few seconds and then unwind.  Alter the look by leaving the root area smoother and adding killer wave to the mid-lengths and ends.  

Frizz it up! 

Most of us like to smooth our hair, but for Halloween, let it go!  Give your hair a shampoo and then hang you head upside down, wafting your hair with as much volume as possible.  Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb and pull through your hair as you dry for amazing texture.  Once the party is over, shampoo again using MiracOILicious to put back any lost moisture and get your hair back to just how you want it.

Top Knot 

A top knot is bang on trend and can easily be achieved on most lengths of hair.  Just pull your hair into a high pony tail and secure with a band.  If your hair is shorter, add a hair piece at this stage.  Take a bun ring or ‘donut’ and pull your hair through the centre.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a bun ring – take an old sock, cut the toe off and roll down to make the donut shape.  Wrap sections of hair around the ring to hide it and create height, securing each section with grips and pins.  This style looks great no matter what texture of hair you have – smooth and sleek or naturally wavy – just go with it.  You can also build up height when you want to make a real statement by stacking rings; just make sure they are secured together well

Colour it up

Adding colour is a great way to change your look.  If you don’t fancy a wig, try coloured hair pieces and clip into place.  Remember  if you want to style a wig or hair pieces, make sure you can style using heated appliances – some of the fun pieces are made of a synthetic material which will simply melt.      

Posted on 25th October 2013

By Holly D

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