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Dressing table full of brushes and combs?  Hair sometimes feels like it has a mind of its own, expanding where it shouldn’t, laying as flat as the proverbial pancake on your head or curling and frizzing in a peculiar way? WHY, WHY, WHY???? Well ... the “mane” culprit for our unhappy locks may actually be our brushes.

The right brush will massage your scalp; help distribute oils; and help your hair grow longer, stronger, and more lustrous. But, the wrong brush can create frizz, knots, and even break your hair. There is certainly no lack of brushes to choose from, but keep in mind that each style is designed for a specific purpose or hair type. Here, the Mark Hill teamwork through Mark's brush range to help you identify the one you are best suited to!

Paddle Brush Perfect for: detangling, reducing snagging and tangling (the soft air cushion adapts to the contours of your head); straightening and styling, reducing blow-drying time, smoothing the cuticles and eliminating frizz.

SMOOTH, SHINY, FRIZZ-FREE HAIR; Oh, So Sexy Luxury Paddle Brush £8.99 or Little Smoothie! Handbag Hottie!

Small Paddle Brush £4.49 Round Metal Brush Perfect for: blow-drying long to medium thick hair. The shape helps create volume, smooth hair, and easily brushes through long locks.

Use a vented variety to help speed up dry time; Big Blow out! Extra Large Round Brush £8.99 or Take Control! Medium Round Brush £7.99

Bristle Cushion Brush Perfect for: fine, thin hair that easily breaks. The natural bristles of this brush are great for your scalp and help detangle without creating static and fly-a-ways.

Back-brushing those funky-dos! For the Love of Glam! Session Styling Cushion Brush £8.99

Wide-Tooth Comb Perfect for: Combing conditioner through the hair; Detangling wet hair. Avoid knots by combing small sections starting from the bottom of your hair and working your way up.

Creating amazing texture to all hair types; Just Tease Me! Wide Tooth Comb £3.69 

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Posted on 13th April 2014

By Holly D

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