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Hair Dos and Don’ts - #MHTopTips To Keep Your Locks On Fleek!

Its a hard life keeping your hair on fleek constantly. Setting aside time to tame your mane is daunting – and we’d all rather be binge-watching Sex and the City instead (hands up if you’re guilty!) – Let’s face it! But, what if we told you it didn’t have to be so difficult? * Say what? * We’ve rounded up all of our top dos and don’ts to keep your hair flip strong every day.

DO maintain your trips to the salon for a fresh cut every six weeks to keep your hair manageable for that all-important styling! Regularly trimmed hair is softer, easier to style and stronger – dead ends don’t make for those tv-ad-worthy moments!

DON’T overexpose your hair to heat and sunlight. UV damage can cause your colour to fade and dry out your locks – so make sure you’ve treated your hair to a spritz of our Protective UV Shield, its the equivalent of sunscreen for your hair and will guard your style against UVA and UVB rays – leaving your hair stronger and keeping that colour vibrant!

DO nourish your hair in the Summer with Argan Oil when it feels dry. This will prolong your style and combat split ends – plus, your hair will look super shiny! Our MiracOILous Morrocan Argan Oil does just the trick… And did we mention how good it smells?

DON’T use a paddle brush on wet hair. Opt for a wide tooth comb instead, such as our Argan Oil Infused Comb and start at the ends, working your way towards the root. This will avoid snagging your locks, which become more elastic when wet.

DO invest in a shampoo designed for your hair type. Think about what your hair needs before picking up any old shampoo. Our care range offers a variety of products from our collagen packed XL Volume Range for an extra plump (which works magic on thinner hair!), our Kerasatin Range designed to strengthen, soften and tame locks - containing tons of Keratin proteins, and our MiracOILous range for those who need a little extra TLC in the form of our nourishing Argan Oil combo.

DON’T over-style as this can cause damage. Always use Heat Protection Spray to guard your hair against the high temperature and finish your blow dry with a cold blast to close the hair shaft, leaving your hair smoother and glossier than ever! Prep your hair with a Styling Primer before styling for that long lasting hold to avoid any un-wanted touch-ups with heated styling tools.

DO regularly clean your styling tools to tackle dirt. It's not just our make-up brushes that harbour bacteria. Our hair is no different to our skin and needs a little care here and there. Keep your tools clean to banish the bad stuff!

DON’T dry your hair ‘side-on’. Point the hairdryer downwards to avoid excessive drying. Using the hair dryer pointed directly at your hair can result in dry locks and breakages, which is not a good look! Pointing downwards will cause less damage and add shine to your style.

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Posted on 16th June 2016

By Holly D

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