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Cleanse carefully

Always use a volumising shampoo and conditioner (even if you have curly hair).  If your hair is finer, apply conditioner to only the ends.  Volumising products are formulated not to weigh the hair down and to build in strength and thickness so are the perfect products to start with.

Give your roots a boost

Everyone can benefit from a root lifter product.   Apply a product such as Viva La Volume Volumising Mousse before blowing dry.  If your hair is fine, spray your product directly onto your roots for maximum volume.

Upside-down is not a do

Flipping your head over to blow-dry gives your hair width, not height.  Drying your hair upside down is a great cheat when time isn’t on your side, but a proper blow dry will make your hairstyle last longer.

Learn to back-comb

 Back-combing is probably the most important technique to learn when you want your hair as high as your heels!  Most people have had a go at backcombing, but not many people do it properly.   I always use my Backcombers Best Friend Backcombing Combto create volume – the multi-strand teeth give real structure to your hair quickly and easily. 

Here’s how to do it -

Take a section of hair and hold tightly so it stands directly out from your scalp.
Put your BBF into the middle of the section and gently push down towards the roots.
Remove the comb and repeat.  DO NOT rub your comb up and down the section as this will damage your hair and cause breakage.  Taking your comb out after each push down will gradually add volume without damage and build a stronger foundation for your style.
When you’ve got the volume you want, smooth over the section with your BBF – it won’t take out the volume, simply smooth the top section to create body and bounce exactly where you need it.

Posted on 22nd May 2015

By Holly D

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