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Life is hectic.  Balancing work, home and a social life is really difficult for the majority of us and sometimes brings us more stress than we really need.  But what does this have to do with my hair, I hear you ask?  Everything! How you live your life seriously affects the way your hair looks and feels.   Your diet, exercise and stress levels can change the way your hair looks and feels both for good and bad.  Want to know why?  Read on….

Diet: We all know a healthy, balanced diet is good for our bodies  and the same is true for our hair too.  However, the trend for faddy diets can actually make your hair dry, brittle and in some cases can cause it to thin.  You have to think about what hair actually is made from – essentially hair is made from protein.  Limiting proteins from your diet by constantly detoxing or crash dieting will eventually damage your hair.  You can certainly help repair the damage by using products containing keratin, but by just by making some simple changes in your diet will help enormously.  A balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and dairy will help your hair grow thicker and stronger.  Oh, and remember to drink plenty of water to keep your hair well hydrated. 

Exercise: Taking regular exercise will actually help your hair become thicker and stronger.  As you exercise, blood flow increases all around your body including your scalp and delivers essential nutrients to help feed the hair.    Exercise also helps balance hormone levels and boosts self-confidence; perfect to set you up for a great hair day. After exercise, please remember to shampoo and condition.  Sweat is your body’s way of cooling down and will make your roots flat and oily and your hair unmanageable if not dealt with straight away. 

Stress: Are you so stressed you shout ‘I’m pulling my hair out!’.  Don’t!  Stress plays havoc with your body and your hair.  It stops you sleeping, eating and functioning properly, all of which have a detrimental effect on your hair causing it to thin or in some cases, fall out completely.  Sudden stress such as a bereavement or illness can be the trigger for hair loss.  I know it is really easy to say but ‘don’t worry’ – take some time out for yourself and try to relax.   During stressful times, try to keep your hair as healthy as possible.  Why not pop a treatment on your hair and lay back in a warm bath with a good book.  It’s the ‘you’ time you really deserve. 

Hair Loss: There are so many reasons you may lose hair.  Most people lose hair on a daily basis and you know what amount is right for you.   But, if you think you are losing more than normal there could many reasons, most of which are treatable. By no means are the explanations below comprehensive, but if you feel any of these apply to you, please see your doctor who will be able to help.

  • Female Pattern Baldness.  This is when your hair thins out on top but stays thick around the back and sides.  It can be caused by an oversensitivity to Testosterone.    If you are on the pill, it may be worth checking with your doctor for alternatives
  • Patchy hair loss.  This can be caused by a lack of ferritin (a protein which helps the body store iron).  This normally corrects itself, but always best to check out.
  • Increased hair loss.  This can be due to many reasons – anaemia, thyroid problems, coeliac disease, vitamin deficiencies to name but a few.  If you think you are loosing more hair than normal, seek advice.

Gillian xoxo    

Posted on 7th May 2015

By Holly D

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