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Curl Education

This final edition of the Mess to Goddess blogs is a fab one… even if we do say so our selves!


You’ve had the product recommendations and hairstyle inspiration, but now it’s time for an education in curls. The lesson you want to attend.


Want to know the secret to lasting, flawless curls? Well it’s your lucky day. New Year, Better Hair.


Below is a breakdown of each of our curling barrels and the looks you can achieve. As well as top tips every hun needs to know.




 Extra Long Barrel

Our extra long barrel creates killer curls in even the longest locks! With 2 inches more barrel than any of our other curling wands, there is space to wrap your entire length of hair around the barrel. For our shorter hair gals this barrel can still create cute curls… we got you.




Small Barrel 

For longer hair this wand is PERFECT for tighter glam curls. Because we all know when the girls go out, the curls come out. For shorter hair, this barrel creates effortless loose curls to add volume and style.




Medium Barrell 

Sport those bouncy curls on the daily with our Medium Barrel attachment. This style looks super effortless and is perfect for loose tousled waves on medium to long hair. Big hair don’t care! 




 Corkscrew Barrel

If you’re feeling brave, use our Corkscrew Barrel to achieve a faux-afro style. You’ll definitely have jaws droppin’. Suitable for any length hair, this barrel can transform your hair and confidence.




Wicked Waver Barrel 

This is the perfect tool for wild, bouncy hair. No two curls will ever be the same with our Wicked Waver Barrel, so expect curls of all shapes and sizes. The perfect look for a night Out Out.




 Ellipse Barrel

Create big, loose waves with ease using our super-large rounded barrel. This one’s perfect if you’re after that effortless, casual look! This barrel works best on medium to long hair for a fab day-to-night style.




 Glam Waver

This oval shaped barrel is perfect for creating glamourous, Hollywood waves! A totally unique shape creates a deep, and luxurious wave. Mermaid vibes all year around.




 Easy Curl

This spiral shaped barrel, for use with the Pick 'N' Mix Handle, makes it super easy to create cute curls! A totally unique shape helps guide the hair down the barrel, so even beginners will be able to create killer curls.




  • Always use a heat protector to maintain the condition of your locks.
  • Do not separate or touch the curls until they are cooled – at least 10 mins after curling.
  • Separate curls with your fingers or brush lightly to create waves.
  • Always set the curls with hairspray to ensure they last all day and stay in place.
  • Use our Curl Fix handle for easier curling – fab hair doesn’t have to be hard work!



Make 2019 the year of your best hair yet. 


Posted on 28th January 2019

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