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Christmas Party tips

Tip #1

Make sure your hair is in the best possible condition ahead of the party season –healthy hair will shine more, and is easier to style. If you are putting your hair up, shampoo and condition your hair the day before your party.  Freshly conditioned hair is too silky, and will make putting your hair up more difficult.   Or why not try Big Night Out Shampoo and Conditioner – these won’t make your hair too soft before you style and will it easier to manage and style.

Tip #2

For beautiful curls – take sections of hair, spray with a heat protection spray and wrap them spirally round the barrel of your tongs.  Hold for 30 seconds and unwind.  Immediately wind the section of hair back up onto itself, and secure with a pin clip.  Do this for the rest of your hair.  When all your hair is curled and clipped, remove the clips, and comb through with your fingers for beautiful soft waves.

Tip #3

For beautiful straight hair – take a section of hair, run straightening irons down, but just before you get to the ends of your hair, twist your wrist, to get a slight movement.  The result will be beautifully smooth hair, but with ultra-soft sexy movement

Tip #4

Accessorise – small grips and slides will make a huge difference to your finished style. Diamante, sparkles and glitter are all perfect additions to any hair style, on any length

Tip #5

Volume – easily create volume in your hair by using Velcro rollers.  Use them in dry hair, spray with a little hair spray, and then leave to ‘set’ whilst you apply your make up.   Remove the rollers and comb through with a wide toothed comb.

  Tip #6

This is a great way to change your day time hairstyle into something a little more glam for an evening, and you are short on time.

Tip #7

For more Hollywood glamour, use the Velcro rollers in damp hair, and leave to dry completely.  This will give your hair strong waves, reminiscent of the 1940’s.

Tip #8

Keep a small brush in your hand bag, a couple of hairgrips, and a small bottle of hairspray - this will make sure your hairstyle lasts through the night.

Tip #9

There’s only one way to wear your up-do this season and that’s seductive and tousled’ says Mark Hill.  ‘Unstructured up-do’s are not only sexy but are low maintenance even when you hit the dance floor.  The looser the hair becomes the better!  

Posted on 22nd December 2013

By Holly D

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