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This week, Rihanna has made her long anticipated comeback as Queen of everything with the release of her new single and brand new album ‘Anti’which dropped last night on Tidal. We’re OBSESSED here at MHHQ! To celebrate Riri’s return, we’re looking back on our fave Rihanna hair moments of all time. There’s no denying that she’s the go-to girl for some seriously chic #HairInspo and she’s far from scared of a little bit of fun with her styles. Here’s our top 5 Rihanna looks!

Rihanna Hair Styles

The Ronze of 2015

You can always count on Rihanna to be ahead of a trend. Rih was already rocking 2016’s top colour trend ‘Ronze’ last Summer in Toyko styled with mid-length Hollywood waves and a perfectly polished finish! This look has never been easier to re-create with the helping hand of our Ellipse Wand, a pinch of our Perfecting Polish and a spritz of our MiracOILous Hairspray.

The Sleek Shine Pony of 2014

The sleekest, chicest pony of them all goes to Riri at the Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball back in 2014. Rihanna’s low pony was straight, shiny and finished with a twist of hair for extra security. Create Riri’s style with our Salon Professional Straighteners, keeping it shiny and in place with our Freeze Hold Hairspray. Complete the look with a thin hairband, leaving a thick piece of hair from the underneath to wrap around and secure with a hair pin. Riri-ready in less than an hour!

Hey Blue/Grey of 2013

Remember when Rihanna stepped out of her hotel in the Summer of 2013 with this cold hued look and everyone went crazy?! How could we forget! This grey colour melt started a grey haired frenzy for all hair-adventurous girls and we’re still crushing on it now! Get Riri’s killer curls with our Interchangeable Wand. With a side parting in place to add a little extra volume on top, curl your locks section by section with the largest barrel. Finish up by running a drop of Argan Oil through your curls, and spray with our Freeze Hold Hairspray to complete!

The Grunge Barbie of 2012

Riri’s ‘Talk That Talk’era was all about the uber blonde locks, and she rocked the short, lighter look like a pro with some added choppy bangs to keep it cool. Get the look by starting with our XL Volume Serum on damp hair, once dried with our Speed Dryer, carelessly straighten your locks with our Straight Up Straighteners for that effortless style. Finish with a spritz of our Freeze Hold Hairspray to keep it plump throughout the day.

Firey Red Head of 2010

And finally – the most fan girled Rihanna hair style of them all, the ‘Loud’ era! Riri went from Good-Girl-Gone-Bad to baddest of them all with the hottest hair colour of 2010! We loved how Rih wore this messy up-do which was all tied up with a polka dot bow. Steal her style with our Magic Wand, using different ends of the barrel to create messy, loose curls. Carelessly pin your curls up with a hair band and tie a head scarf in a bow for a chic, casual day look.  

Posted on 28th January 2016

By Holly D

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