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Beauty Myths... we all know them but how many of them are true?

Beauty Myths... we all know them but how many of them are true, our beauty expert Jules Cardozo-Marsh jargon busts a few, read on to find out more...

Using eyelash curlers after applying mascara will cause your lashes to break. Not true, eyelash curlers have a flexible strip that protects them so it won't cause them to break but It's not ideal to curl them after applying mascara as it will stick to the curlers and it's a little messy so always curl your lashes before applying mascara for maximum lift and to keep those lashes fluttering.

I have oily skin so facial oil is not for me. Wrong, just because your skin is oily doesn't mean you cannot use a facial oil. Oil from the skin is very different from the ingredients used in a facial oil. Using a facial oil can have benefits especially if you strip the oil from your skin by over cleansing. Your skin needs oil and therefore whilst your body reproduces oil, using a facial oil will help restore and balance your skin. Choose a product that is suitable for oil prone skin or ask for advise. Remember putting oil on your skin doesn't make it more oily.

Can cucumber get rid of puffy eyes? Actually anything kept in the fridge that can be put on the eyes will help reduce swelling as long as it's cold. Do not apply anything direct to your skin that has been in the freezer unless you wrap it in a towel or cloth first. Tea bags are also great as they contain tannin which helps reduce swelling.

Wearing make-up everyday will give me acne/spots. Not true, obviously if you are prone to acne/spots it's important to watch what you put on your face but the important thing is to make sure you cleanse properly using a suitable cleanser for your skin type.

I must apply eye cream every day. Myth, whilst it's good to use an eye cream to help combat signs of ageing, it's not essential and down to choice. Your daily moisturise works perfectly well in this area as long as you don't apply too close to your eye. If you get any product in your eye just rinse with cool water.

Over plucked eyebrows will not grow back. Not true, if you have over plucked them in the past gentle try exfoliating them using an old toothbrush, this helps stimulate the hair follicles. Leaving them to grow for as long as possible before plucking will also help. It can take up to 12 Months to get the perfect brow shape so perseverance is the key.

Toothpaste is good for spots. Not true, whilst it might temporary help dry it out this may lead to further skin problems. Toothpaste is for your teeth so make your pearly teeth white and not your face!

I can reduce the size of my pores. Myth, the size of our pores is genetic and unfortunately we cannot do anything about that but you can reduce the appearance of them by applying certain products to help with the appearance. 

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Posted on 26th February 2014

By Holly D

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