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Beach bound? We got you!

30-degree temperatures may have you lookin’ like a bronzed goddess, but all that sunshine is bound wreak havoc with your locks. Fear not! We’ve gathered our top tips to help keep your tresses on top form all summer long!

1) Re-nourish & Fight Frizz

You’re probably think that taming that mane starts with a shed load of hairspray, right? Wrong! Fighting frizz actually starts in the shower! So, once you’ve got those locks lookin’ squeaky clean, squeeze away any excess water before massaging in Mark Hill’s 2 Minute MiracOILous Mask. Work it through from root to tip & then leave it to do its THANG. Once the two minutes are up, rinse thoroughly and enjoy your super-hydrated and frizz-free style.

2) Protect Against Chlorine

Heading for the pool? Be sure to give your hair a quick blast under cold water beforehand.Why? Because your hair can only absorb so much water, so if you’ve already washed before hitting the pool, you’ll be massively reducing the amount of chlorine it can absorb… you can thank us later!

3) Protect Against UV

Before heading out and getting your daily dose of Vitamin Sea, make sure you protect those tresses against UVA & UVB rays! Simply squirt Mark Hill’s lightweight and non-greasy Protective UV Shield Spray onto your locks and you’re good to go.

4) Ditch the Straighteners

Super dry & frizzy locks? You’re not alone. Try ditching the heat & embrace an au naturale look. Opt for natural styling techniques that are going to add texture & volume. We’re talking a few spritz of Mark Hill Textured Waves Spray, some super-tight boxer braids or even some hella cute space buns…

So there you have it! Just follow these 4 simple steps & we guarantee your locks will be lookin’ lush!

Posted on 27th April 2018

By Holly D

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