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Bad Hair Day Remedies

Bad hair day? We’ve all been there. The date of your dreams is tonight, but your hair’s all flat, that interview you’ve been dreading is within hours, so why on earth won’t your hair behave?!?  Don’t sweat it. What you need is a large amount of expert advice, a few life-saving products and voila – bad hair days? No sireee!  Here are 3 of the most common Bad Hair Day dilemmas our clients tell tales of….

The problem: My hair’s turned to frizz

The Solution: Put that frizzy hair firmly in its place with some leave-in conditioner, or try the Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Shine Spray. This way you’ll bid adieus to flyaways and smooth out any random waves and unwelcome kinks.

The problem: Yikes! My hair looks sooooo greasy!

The Solution: Oh, this is so not good. You’re suited, booted and ready to roll. But what’s this? Greasy, grimy looking roots? Well, firstly let us tell you that if you’re prone to greasy hair, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to wash your hair too often, as this can actually worsen the problem. However, right now you don’t have the time to think about that, you need this sorting – pronto! What you need is some dry shampoo. Spray onto the roots and rub in very lightly with your finger-tips in case of any slight residue. Next time you wash your hair, squirt  a little onto freshly blow-dried hair, this can help prevent the build-up of grease.

The problem: Where’s my volume? My hair just looks flat! T

he Solution: Yesterday, when it really didn’t matter, your hair looked super-bouncy. Now what’s happened? It’s lying flat, limp and looking incredibly sorry for itself.  Well, don’t just sit there. Take action. If you’ve got time to wash it, do so. And use some specially formulated volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner.  Before drying, scrunch in some mousse. Once seen as a little 1990s, mousse has seen a massive comeback in recent years, with new, lighter formulations meaning sticky hair is no longer an issue. Prior to drying use a protection spray that’s designed with volume in mind.  To dry, tip your head upside down and blast! For a tousled look, use your fingers instead of a comb or brush, to gently scrunch your hair from the roots down.  Finish with a little hairspray to ensure your big hair lasts – BIGTIME!  Ah, you’re welcome. Mwah!

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Posted on 22nd February 2014

By Holly D

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