You may have banished meat and dairy from your diet, or just be making more ethical and environmentally friendly decisions, but did you know you can also make a difference by updating your hair and beauty routine by buying vegan friendly alternatives?
Not only is animal testing an unethical practice, but it’s also completely outdated and totally unnecessary. The good news? Together, we can put an end to it!
As many of us are well-aware, the cosmetic industry is an ethical minefield. And although countless brands are labelling themselves as ‘cruelty-free’, many of their products still contain animal by-products, meaning they’re not suitable for vegans.
But hold on… does this mean waving goodbye to all of our favourite hair and beauty products? Absolutely not! Nowadays, there are countless mainstream companies that provide cruelty-free goods… it’s just a case of reading the fine print and doing your research!
As for Mark Hill, we believe in being completely transparent with our customers. We won’t leave you guys trawling through a lenghty ingredients list to find what you’re looking for, we commit to making it easy to understand exactly what ingredients we use in our products. To date 76% of our products are cruelty free and vegan friendly, and we’re on a mission to make that 100%.
So whether it’s keratin, collagen, or silk, we’re going to eliminate all animal ingredients from our hair range, making them totally vegan friendly, and 100% cruelty free! And the best part? We won’t be compromising on performance or quality!
To save you trawling through our fine print, we’ve gathered a list of our products that are currently #crueltyfree and #veganfriendly, so you can rest assured that no animals have been harmed in the process of making the following products:
Salon Professional Heated Rollers, Perfect Blow Dry Kit, Straight and Curl 2 in 1 Straightener, and the Pick N Mix Handle alongside the Small, Medium, Corkscrew, Wicked Waver, Ellipse and Easy Curl barrels.
MiracOILous Shampoo and Conditioner and MiracOILous 2 Minute Mask.
MiracOILous Moroccan Argan Oil, MiracOILous Nourishing Hairspray, Freeze Hold Hairspray, Extreme Freeze Hold Hairspray, LTD Sleek & Straight Spray, LTD Curl Spray, LTD Undone Spray, Volume Spray Mouse, Taming Anti-Humidity, Extreme Root Lift Spray, Wonder Spray 10 in 1, Styling Primer, Pluming Powder, Perfecting Polish, and the Tousled Wave Spray
Argan Oil XL Radial Brush, Argain Oil Medium Radial Brush, Argan Oil Detangle Comb, Argan Oil Paddle Brush, Argan Oil Mini Paddle Brush, Argan Oil Wonder Ball, Detachable Roller Brush, and the Perfect Blow Dry Brush
And for all you selfie Queens out there, our Selfie Light is also cruelty free and vegan friendly! #shopvegan
What Else Can You Do?
1)  Sign Petitions
Passing bills in parliament will be a huge victory, so sign, sign, sign guys!
2)    Educate Yourself
Although we’re encouraging you to update your hair and beauty routine, don’t stop there!
Start by researching your clothing manufacturers and food manufacturers. What else? Watch documentaries, listen to podcasts and read articles. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel encouraged to ditch unethical zoos, or maybe you’ll decide to stop buying leather, fur and silk. Just remember, these baby steps lead to big results.
Whether you tell your Mum, cousin or best friend… we want you to spread the word! Because the more people we can get involved, the closer we’ll be to banning animal testing once and for all! Maybe even share petitions (and this article) on your social media #sorrynotsorry #spam

Posted on 1st November 2018

By Holly D

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