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The Hair Essentials You Need This Winter


 Although we all LOVE cosy knitwear and roaring fires, the winter months tend to wreak havoc with our locks. Thanks to the freezing temperatures and icy winds, our hair is often left feeling super-dehydrated and frizzy. But fear not, because just a few tweaks to your daily routine will have your mane looking lush in no time.




1)     A Touch of Serum 

One of our biggest problems when the temperature plummets is maintaining moisture, so be sure to distribute a small drop of our MiracOILous Moroccan Argan Oil through the tips of your hair on a daily basis.




2)      A Deep Condition


‘Tis the season for a MiracOILous Hydrating 2 Minute Mask! Adding extra protein, moisture and nutrients to your hair is going to transform that dull & dry style in no time! 




3)      A Little Heat Protection


The crisp air is likely to leave your hair feeling dry, so be sure to give it a little TLC this winter. Add a few squirts of Styling Heat Protection Spray before styling to help prevent breakage and brittleness (cos we all know that your curling wand is going to make an appearance in the lead up to those Christmas parties and NYE celebrations).




4)      A Spritz of Hairspray


We all love an artfully ruffled style, but there’s certainly a difference between ruffled and windswept. To make sure that those winter winds don’t screw with your style, spritz your locks with MiracOILous Nourishing Hairspray. The long-lasting formula will keep your style on lock down and help prevent winter frizz.




There you have it! 4 must-haves products to help keep your mane looking healthy, hydrated, and totally slick throughout the chilly months.


Posted on 7th December 2018

By Holly D

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