The 5 New Year’s Resolutions (we might not stick to)

The 5 New Year’s Resolutions (we might not stick to)

Going to be SO organised

Yep, we’re going to be so organised. You won’t recognise us in 2014, we’ll be all “I’ll have to check my diary” and “I’ve a 10am next Tuesday” that you’ll be wondering where the adorable yet oh so scatty us got to.

No more irrelevant flirting

So it may make the working day go a little faster, smiling sweetly at Simon in accounts or twirling our hair at Paul while he’s innocently asking if we want tea or coffee, but hey, random flirting is so 2013 that we are OVER it! (For now).  

No eating cake

Cake, eh? Who needs it? Not us. It’s so scrummy, delicious, gooey and gorgeous –why would anyone possibly eat it? Whilst Moss famously said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” we wonder if she’s tasted our mate’s carrot cake or our Mum’s brownies… but in 2014 we will eat less cake. Or try to.  

Give up social media stalking

So far you’ve consoled yourself thinking, if they have an open Facebook page what do they expect?? Right? Wrong. It’s not them we’re worried about, it’s you. Who cares if that boy went out on that night, or your best friend from primary school now has the best job EVER?! Not you. Well, you do now, yes, but you won’t. Facebook fanatical following – it’s not cool (much).  

Stop impulse buying

Before the internet people had to actually choose to go shopping… imagine! Now it’s no choice! One minute we’re filling in a spread-sheet or checking our mail, the next our fingers have naughtily found their way onto Topshop or ASOS and there we are perusing through patterned leggings, like we actually want to be there! I’m sorry Dear Bank Balance, but it’s really not our fault, we will try however to curb these dis-obedient hands of ours.  Please do share with us your new year’s resolutions, the ones you hope to keep…  and the ones that don’t stand a chance!    

Posted on 30th December 2013

By Holly D

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