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5 must-follow influencers for curly haired girls!

Scared to let your natural curls run free?

These babes and their corkscrew curls will have you wondering why you ever bothered with your hair straighteners. So kick back, relax, and enjoy your daily dose of curl porn!

Instagram: Westbrooks.crystal

Not only does Crystal leave her natural curls to do their thing, but she also offers some serious outfit inspo. Definitely worth a follow!

Instagram: flaviaestaniago

If you’re searching for snaps of XL curls, this Brazil-based model is your go-to! Her feed is #goals

Instagram: andreas.choice

Not only does this babe have her Youtube channel down to a tee, but she is also killin’ it with her fiery locks and casual style.

Instagram: rose_bertram

Rose has got that smart-caj vibe all figured out. Follow her for some wise captions and wild locks.

Instagram: marinadnery

This down to earth model has big hair and bigger dreams! A must-follow if you’re lacking the confidence to embrace your natural style.


We hope these beautiful ladies encourage you to try ditching those straighteners...Let us know how you get on & share your selfies using the hashtag #makeyourmark


Posted on 16th September 2018

By Holly D

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