5 Vegan Influencers You Need to be Following!


To celebrate World Vegan Day, we’ve searched the internet and collated 5 of our all-time favourite Vegan influencers.

Whether you want the lowdown on vegan beauty brands or want some inspo for your next plant-based meal, these lovely ladies have got you covered.


1)    Lucy Watson

Not only does she dish out some serious outfit inspo, but she also has her very own Vegan cookbook! 


2)    Cath Kendall

Whether it’s vegan makeup, vegan fashion, or vegan food, Cath is super-dedicated to animal activism and is definitely worth a follow!


3)    Monami Frost

Not only is Moanmi the founder of Frost Burgers and Frost Streetwear, but she’s also a top author and top Mum. Head over to her Youtube for beauty tutorials and food-inspo.


4)    Grace Fit

From helping thousands of women with their #gymgains to sharing her latest animal-friendly hauls, Grace is definitely one of our favourite Youtubers at the mo.


5)    Kristen Leanne

Whether her hair is baby pink or bright yellow, this lovely lady is always looking insane. And the best part? She’s an animal activist and cruelty-free beauty enthusiast.

The Vegan movement has taken the world by storm, but you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle to become more ethically conscious.


Why not start by ditching all animal tested products from your hair and beauty routine?


Nowadays, there are countless mainstream companies that provide cruelty-free goods. It’s just a case of reading the fine print and doing your research.

As for Mark Hill, we’re on a mission to become 100% cruelty free ASAP (currently we are 76%). But that’s not all! We’re also aiming to ditch animal bi-products without compromising on performance or quality.

To save you trawling through our fine print, we’ve gathered a list of our products that are currently #crueltyfree and #veganfriendly


Salon Professional Heated Rollers, Perfect Blow Dry Kit, Straight and Curl 2 in 1 Straightener, and the Pick N Mix Handle alongside the Small, Medium, Corkscrew, Wicked Waver, Ellipse and Easy Curl barrels.

-          WETS:

 MiracOILous Shampoo and Conditioner and MiracOILous 2 Minute Mask.

-          SPRAYS & SERUMS:

MiracOILous Moroccan Argan Oil, MiracOILous Nourishing Hairspray, Freeze Hold Hairspray, Extreme Freeze Hold Hairspray, LTD Sleek & Straight Spray, LTD Curl Spray, LTD Undone Spray, Volume Spray Mouse, Taming Anti-Humidity, Extreme Root Lift Spray, Wonder Spray 10 in 1, Styling Primer, Pluming Powder, Perfecting Polish, and the Tousled Wave Spray

-          BRUSHES:

 Argan Oil XL Radial Brush, Argain Oil Medium Radial Brush, Argan Oil Detangle Comb, Argan Oil Paddle Brush, Argan Oil Mini Paddle Brush, Argan Oil Wonder Ball, Detachable Roller Brush, and the Perfect Blow Dry Brush


Posted on 7th November 2018

By Holly D

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