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10 Hair Commandments

Between us hair-obsessives at Mark Hill we've seen hair trends come and go over the years. We've been permed, primped and pampered to within an inch of our lives…. and, in spite of the embarrassing photos, we don't regret a single minute of it. We love experimenting, playing and having fabulous fun with hair – it's our greatest accessory… we live and breathe all that's on-trend and en vogue in the hair world. But some things never change. Seasonal styles might come and go but some basic hair rules live eternal. Here are our 10 Hair Commandments:

Thou shall not under-estimate the power of a blow dry. We may have straighteners and tongues to finish our styling but the hairdryer is still where it's at when it comes to the power tool that'll give you the look you want.


Thou shall not take the hair that adorns our head for granted. We straighten, we curl, we blow-dry, we wand… we do a darn lot to our beloved tresses. Show them some love and use protection.


Thou shall love thy neighbour's hair. And our friend's for that matter. Have a pampering night and try out some treatments together. Friends that spa together stay together…. 'tis true!


Thou shall not kill with a fine-tooth comb. It's wide-tooth all the way…


Thou shall commit adultery quite often (if we must.) You may love chatting to your stylist but, be honest, are you often disappointed with the end result? Does she or he not really listen to what you want? Hairdressers have to earn your monogamy, you're not married… spread your wings and take flight if you're not getting the salon-perfect results you truly deserve.


Thou shall experiment and try something new. Variety, it's the spice of life. Take rollers, thought they were for your Gran? Look again…


Thou shall not repent one's hair sins. Be proud of your hair past… perms an' all!


Thou shall choose a shampoo and conditioner to match one's hair type, mood and desire. No one-size-fits-all in this game! The right product really counts!


Thou shall big it up from time to time. Being Little Miss Straight and Perfect is all well and good, but just for once go BIG TIME GLAM… but, be warned, the Big Hair Bug is contagious!


Thou shall make one's colour last. Save time and money and make your colour last weeks longer with the right products. Try a specially formulated conditioner for coloured hair and your colour will be ever-vibrant and nourished.
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Posted on 26th January 2014

By Holly D

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